Apple iPad UK shipping and release date confusion

By Posted 5 Mar 2010, 16:39

Following on from our earlier report, informing you of the official release date for the iPad for customers in the U.S (April 3rd), we have now learned that customers in the UK will now have to wait until late April for the iPad and not the end of this month, as previously thought.

If you head over to the iPad section on the Apple UK site, you’ll clearly see that the WiFi edition was expected to be shipping in late March.

However, Apple has justed stated in their press release that the UK, along with other selected countries will get the WiFi iPad at the end of April.

Whether this is a confirmed delay, or just a mis-leading error on the website, remains to be seen. We will keep you updated as we gather more info. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • elisabeth

    hi hopelyfully my dady bies me a apple iphone, for my birthday!

  • Tom

    Just Apple shitting on the heads of everyone in the U.K again