Sony PS3: Which big name sequel will be announced tomorrow?

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2010

If you didnt know by now, Sony are preparing to announce a sequel to one of their most popular franchises. All speculation is pointing to Resistance 3, but the company might have some surprises up their sleeves.

As reported from Eurogamer, the reveal will be made on this week’s episode of Game Trailers TV, due to be aired tomorrow. Other key candidates include Killzone 3, inFAMOUS 2 or even a new Warhawk game – any of these three would be most welcome in my opinion.

What are your predictions for tomorrow’s announcement? We have created a poll for you to take part in, let us know if you have other ideas for the new title.

UPDATE: Insomniac has confirmed that Resistance 3 is NOT the title which Sony are planning to reveal tomorrow, so keep guessing guys.

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  • TimmY

    Destruction Derby with Gran Turismo graphics….. now theres a shout!!!! WOLLOP!!!

  • Muizz

    How bout kingdom hearts 3?

  • Adski

    G-Police, Destruction Derby, Syndicate or Descent would be awesome.
    As would a single player/co-op campaign version of Warhawk.

  • Ryan

    GTA 5 exclusive to ps3 much more fun than 4 !

  • Lair 2 anyone?? ha ha..

  • He-Ro

    Heavenly Sword 2: Resurrection

    …i just made that up 😛

  • TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZRE

    They said suprise sequel…. so something nobody is expecting

    Here are my guesses

    Heavenly Sword 2
    Ridge Racer
    Omikron 2
    Little big planet 2

    maybe the Getaway 3

    • Little Big Planet I can see happening…but not another Getaway surely? 😀 Ridge Racer would be cool.

  • Socom 4 will be announced tomorrow