Sony PS3 (PSN) Downtime Update: Network error 8001050F causing data and trophy problems

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Following our from our previous report, which told you about the global downtime of the Playstation Network for PS3 users, we are now hearing that the bug is causing further problems relating to game save data and your trophies.

PS3 owners are waking up to be greeted with the “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)” message. Sony has stated on their Twitter account that they are fixing the problem and to stay tuned for further updates.

However, according to several gaming forums, users are reporting that the PSN bug has deleted some of their game saves as well as trophy achievements. A big problem for Sony if that indeed is the case.

As we stated earlier, PS3 owners are best advised to keep their PS3 systems off, until the bug has been fixed – especially since the problem is also affecting systems are that offline too.

For those that have already experienced this bug – has it affected your game data and/or trophies?

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  • Lelly

    It has affect my trophies. Dark Void stuff wont load up at all. It doesn't seem to have done anything to my save files from what i can tell. It has also corrupted some of my themes and wallpapers though. And then the general time reset and all that. Yeah, it really sucks.

    • bradles

      ive bin signed out it keeps sayin error occored 8001050f how can i get back online please help

      • serphy1989

        sorry bradles you will have to wait nothing we mortals can do lol.

    • serphy1989

      it has affected my trophies as well but it has not deleted my data. but i fear many people wil have to delete their data as trophies that were in the early stages of the game an all of a sudden dissappears will end up corrupting current data. As i only bought chronicles of the white knight 2 days ago i have not been on the game long enough to grumble about starting again :) But people who have played 9 hours plus of top games such heavy rain will be really p******ed off i wonder if many sony playstaion owners will get any compensation?

    • Jay.

      hey, i'm not really computer or game orientated.(i only play a select few games). what the arse is going on. all i get is jargon about 8001050f. what does that mean? anyone???

  • Thiha

    my Winning eleven2010 trophy data's wiped out =/ 70%progression. I wish i can play BadCompany 2 tmr

  • peter

    can this problem be sorted as soon as possible please!!!! its extremely annoying!!

  • nijam

    I have the ps3 80gb all my trophies and saw data are does not let me play any games once I load a game I get a message saying registration of trophy information could not be completed and the only option I have I to quit the game..also I noticed I have a file in the saved data utility an it says corrupted which wasn't there before

    • badman

      lol me too….do you have any news on this problem

  • Big John

    It has certainly affected all my trophy achievements in every one of my games…
    Furthermore due to these delete trophies, when enter I game such as COD6 in offline mode, I am greeted by a message stating "registration of the trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit. (8001050F)"
    Basically my playstation has been rendered unusable.

    • Calzaah

      that is exactly what happened to me :( and i was planning to prestige today ):

  • James Smith

    I cannot run Modern Warfare 2 – system states something like "cannot confirm trophy registration. game will quit." So, yeah, I cannot actually play MW2, even offline. thanks, PSN!

    • dave

      yes you can,you just have to go to network setting's,and set all settings ,such as media,and conection's to disable,this let me play my games ofline

  • brian

    so what is exactly going to happen? I'm worried that I'm going to loose everything. what is sony going to do.

    • tr00p3r

      I doubt that deleted data will be 'gone forever', its mostly a temporary bug I'd say. Sony would not be able to defend themselves if user's data was wiped completely…we'll have to wait and see what happens following the fix.

      • reload-reload

        is the fix guna take a matter of hours or days or months does any1 no

        • Guest

          called gamestop today and said that they will be fixing it in the next 24 hours

  • jordan

    it is certanly distressing all of my cod6 tropheies have gone and i cant even play offline. sony fix it soon please.

    • josh

      same :L

    • liam


    • Apocalypt1cal

      There is no cod6. You may think you are refering to cod mw2. this is like when people call cod waw cod5 when it's not.

    • Apocalypt1cal

      There is no cod6. You may think you are refering to cod mw2. this is like when people call cod waw cod5 when it's not.

  • goodman 78

    as far as i can tell ive only lost fifa 10 trophys compared 2 some people who have lost most ov there trophies dont think sony can sort this out as people offline r getting same problem so it must be hardware prob

    • Orgzcom

      I lost fifa 10 trophies. I,m worried Ultimate Team save data will have gone. £10 on players and £4 to buy the add-on! Sort it out Sony


    too many problems too many updates… i might just buy an xbox!! PSN:@

    • Trevor

      I agree. If PSN can't solve the problem and get all of my stuff back it's pointless to waste money on service that provides nothing. I continue to get errors like running out of memory when I have 80 GB and there is no way I've used that much.

      • K_R_A_Z_E

        waste money? last time i checked PSN was free, unlike Live, and any DLC is linked to your account not ur system. im sick of hearing people whine about how xbox doesnt do it. nothing is perfect, live with it you needy loser. and btw when it tells you its out of memory it means RAM retard….

    • branden

      why, so your xbox will just crash and be unusable every 12 months? RROD!

  • james

    can u hurry up. im waiting to play it. come on. come on. come on.

  • Sean

    Cant even load some games now because it can't recover the trophy data.l.

  • SaM-

    trophies and any content baught from the ps store will be replaced once this error is fixed, as the trophies are stored on ps servers, once the eroor is fixed your trophies will be synced and will be retrieved from the servers, as for downloaded content/themes and so on from the store these will be show as corrupt data untill you are able to access your psn acocunt so your system can validate that you are authorised and have paid for the content, your system needs to relay license codes for these top work, and seen as you cannot access psn the licenses arent being sent…

    • bliss306

      is there anyway to play offline? every time i try i get one of two 800 error codes?

  • war man

    this is not even funny

  • Oscar

    I lost all my COD WaW and COD MW2 trophies. I had Platinum on both. SHIT!

    • T man

      Exactly the same has happened to me =(

    • Tom

      someone has no life XD

  • SaM-

    trophies and any content baught from the ps store will be replaced once this error is fixed, as the trophies are stored on ps servers, once the eroor is fixed your trophies will be synced and will be retrieved from the servers, as for downloaded content/themes and so on from the store these will be show as corrupt data untill you are able to access your psn acocunt so your system can validate that you are authorised and have paid for the content, your system needs to relay license codes for these top work, and seen as you cannot access psn the licenses arent being sent…

    • elduderino77

      What if your trophies were acquired offline…how in the living hell will they able to "SYNC" anything?

  • Angry Guy

    EVERYTHING gone saved and otherwise……NOT HAPPY SONY…..Dragon Age….Corrupt, Oblivion…….Gone, Dantes Inferno…..Trophies corrupt….FIX IT……

    BTW can any one say Class Action Lawsuit…..i mean how many peeps payed for games that installed directly to their PS3 that are now corrupted or deleted?

    • SaM-

      these are stored on your psn account like i said in a previous post, trophies and such are stored on PS servers and once you can connect to psn your trophies will syncronise and you will see them again, stop fretting at a few trophies going missing, thye will be returned


    Don't go on MW2!!! It just deletes all trophies :@ lost my platinum cheers PSN :D :@

    • Mw2 ADDICT


  • dj lil yazi

    im buying an xbox 360

  • Hector B.

    This shit better be fixed before God of War 3 comes out!!

  • sycoticthug

    F**K the damn trophies i just wanna get back online to Call of duty modern warefare 2 so i can kick some ass.

    • jaysen_w

      you're damn straight!!

    • Vuurtiee

      i kick youre ass if i see you online;)

    • BaD BoY

      GOOD MAN !!! GET IN ( ill beat u ;))

    • Jack Sharman

      TOTALLY AGREE. It's so annoying.

  • Nchustla10

    I haven't lost any saved game data or trophies. I can still log onto the internet , but can't reset my time or date.


    did they get bored of serving users with free online services???
    is it just to show that we should pay for online so we get better psn??
    i really think of it this way.. I mean this is the chance for them to announce this

    • theholygoat

      are you having a laugh…pay for online services….when the console costs nearly twice as much as xbox 360 and want to pay more…thats why u pay more for ps3 than xbox

      • SaM-

        agreed you pay for the blue ray player, all the other functions and the ability to play online free… that all comes in the expensive package of PS3, the "supercomputer"

  • Eric Emley

    so i am guessing that this a problem that has hit everyone??

    • Kitteh

      Everyone apart from PS3 Slim owners (120/250 GB models), apparently. Best thing to do is to wait for an update on the situation and keep it switched off.

    • joey

      yesssss! can we sue if we dont get money back or something?

  • angrey kid

    well i heard that there has been some problems with psn lately. but when i went on my ps3 today, i got an error when trying to sign in the error was error 8001050f which sed that cant go online. so i tried to go on the new avp offline but it came up with a message saying sumin about my trophies, and made me leave the game. when i went on to my trophies all my avp trophies where gone. so now i cant go on my ps3 at all which really pissed me off when will it be fixed?

  • Lee

    Heavy Rain trophies are gone and makes the game unplayable….such a good game as well.

    • Chris

      same here

    • Chris

      same here. all my heavy rain trophies are gone aswell.

  • Sgt. Overkill

    Why haven't you just made the system so that game saves are unaffected by whatever happens on the network?? Why is it so that the network must be functioning in order to just play your game OFFLINE..??
    I'd wish Sony would change that.

  • Chris

    All my heavy rain trophies are gone. can't sony do anything right.

  • Wan Wan0

    what the hell. i cant play any of my games. and all my trophies have been whipped out. i just finished my exams and was planning to complete my assassin's creed 2. now all i can do is sit around waiting for ps to fix this problem. they better do something but my trophies. i don't want to have to start all my games all over again or somebody's gonna be in big trouble. do u think we can like sue ps for wasting our precious time?

  • kosgad

    i have all my trophies and saves and there is no corrupted file (yet)…i dont know if this gonna be solved but im scared to lose my mw2 saves :/
    i hope i wont,i have turn off the ps3 system and turn off the back button..
    sony fix it please :/

  • Tekken

    heavy rain trophies gone :( try to load heavy rain and tells me i have unregistered trophies :S
    hope this problems fixed soon


    Lost loads of saved game data, including loads of progression on fifa '10 ( annoying!! )

    also lost all my trophy data.

    Damn you sony people >:(

  • bauer77

    I look forware to playing Warhawk every morning, I am not a happy camper

    • bob1

      get a job camper

  • jordan

    I think everyone is right about thinking to buy an xbox ,im annoyed seeing as i want to play on mw2. just a tip to every1 if u do have the problem dont turn on your ps3.


  • Iason

    Whenever I try to play a game (even if I don't intend to play online) I receive a message stating that it cant load my trophies and that the game will quit. Is this normal? Can other people still play games offline because for whatever reason, I cant?

    • Anonymous_69

      All I can basically do is go on the internet.

  • SteVen Pissed

    i can't play heavy rain or fifa 10!! i don't even have internet set up. would i need to set up internet access to install update/patch when this problem gets resolved??

  • tobe

    i lost all mw2 trophies and assassin creed 2 ones.. piss takeeee

  • Schneike

    I could care less about trophies. I can't believe that it's not possible to even play games offline. What a croc!

  • cheryl

    omg wots happenin 2 us all this is never rite ani idea how long wud b a good thing

  • Fatus_olus

    I just baught Darksiders and Prototype and i can't play them!
    Sony should be really ashamed for this mess!! Nothing is working!
    I don't care about the trophies but i do care about my save data! I worked hard for
    it!!! Up to now nothing has been deleted thank god and i copied everything on a USB.
    I could expect something like that from Microsoft but from Sony…..what a disappointment!

  • asabater

    Ok, so what do we do? I was playing offline, I dont even have it connected to the internet and I got the same error??? PLEASE HELP!!

  • kevin

    sony have alot to answer for, surely all these phuck ups are not good for the system, a few of my online mates have had there phats die all in the space of a few weeks a few days after updating, sont should be held accountable and a recall is in order me thinks

  • murdaman32

    I can't even sign in on my ps3, this is crazy

  • eric

    had nothing but problems with my ps3 60gb on with my 4th console in the end got it insured as couldn't afford to buy new ps3 all the time this just takes the ****. might consider getting xbox. Fed up wiped all trophies and game data. Are we getting compensation playstation.

    • andy

      I'm on my 3rd PS3, but everytime I got an error I just called Sony helpline & they attempted 2 talk me through a fix, then sent out BRAND NEW ONE NEXT DAY FOR FREE!!!

  • Joseph

    Really getting pissed beyond imagination i have two ps3's both older 80gigs one that plays the ps2 games one that dont. niether works not sure if tropihies are effected i cant even play offlinee games im about to switch two microsoft were i hear the gaming community is better and they dont have problems like this and i also heard slims dont have this problem,,,bullsh*t slims are cgeaper than ever with a bigger hd i have over $2,000 worth of equiptment for both ps3's im not about to buy a slim they should replace systems for free after all i've spent more on one than you'd spend on two no a days. i recently sent my oldest one in to be worked on cause of their f**king flaws and paid through the nose bout to play baseball with both ps3's and switch to xbox…. Plus their debating on making psn cost like xbox live the day that happens im definetly switching no doubt about it

  • OneEye

    still not working!!!! I want to play Star Ocean. I think Sony should call back all PS3 like Toyota!!!

  • jackus87

    I just lost all my trophies for modern warfare 2!!!! some1 is going to pay out big time for this!! its totally unacceptable!!! was 2 trophies away from getting the platinum!!! thanks playstation network for wasting my time, money effort and patience :@ :@ :@ :@

  • hyliansnake

    So I don't really care about my trophies, I just want to play. Great work destroying functionality.

  • dave

    i just bought a 360 screw you sony

  • joshkeat

    Ye i have that problem too, i thought it was just rubbish but i just thought i would check online forums and whoa looks like everyone has got the problem. i havent had anything deleted or corrupted yet and can still use the internet on PS3, However when it comes to signing in on the PSN it says Error 8001050F. The time is also wrong. I hope they sort this out before Battlefield Bad Company 2 is released.

  • @MissxKitteh

    Don't worry about trophies..once data can be properly synced with your PS3 they'll come back.
    ^ Should answer most questions/worries.
    ^ Will give you an update on when it'll be fine to use your PS3 again.

    Remember, this is NOT a problem with the PSN. It's an internal problem.

  • Avid Sony Fan

    In terms of the fact of if they are going to start charging $ for PSN, thats obviously not the case since this isn't affecting all PS3 owners, mostly the ones with old fatties (including myself). When you put a game into a "glitching" console, the trophy data can get erased, so until further notice of a fix… avoid trying to play games with trophies. As has been said before, all trophy data is synced to a server and shouldn't be lost if they are deleted from your console. You can always log into the playstation store online and see if your trophy collections are still presesnt, they should be. (ie., go to and click sign in at the top right. Log into your account and hover over the "Hi, (username)" and click trophies. Wait a few minutes and it should show you your precious trophies are okay!)

  • Avid Sony Fan

    In terms of those comparing PSN to Xbox Live… you have to expect and be used to downtime when a service is free, so stating that Xbox live is better only stands true because they have an obligation to people forking their money up for it. That also stands true in the case of our consoles not working… but things happen, and as annoying as it that its something that is independant of being online and updating, Sony is trying to fix what can only be considered an unknown factory error which for some reason decided to show up now.

    • caDDzz

      Exactly, dont start comparing for something you have to pay membership fee for, to a free service. We dont complain when it is working, and because of a major blip people are suddenly opting for Xbox Live. Im sure Sony are working there socks of to get this service up and running again.

  • jordan

    My ps3 was working fine last night i switched it off to cool down i left it for about half a hour turned it on and it sais all of the above

  • serphy1989

    Has anyone wondered why psp can connect to psn if any one owns a psp try it it beggining to annoy me if psp is down why not psp. plus my psp is the 1st gen model so why only old ps3s?

  • Kick-Ass

    i am sooooooo pissed i got a day off from school and i was gonna waste it on MW2 when i turned my ps3 on it said sign in error 8001050f i was like WTF so i was gonna play offline but then trophy information lost!!!!!!! i screamed HOLY C*** i was gonna rip my hair off

  • Graham Kettles

    humph, im getting tired of waiting. This sucks BAD…

  • Philippe

    I had just finished Heavy Rain with 21 trophies, and now they are all gone!!! :S :S

  • tommy

    i hope all my packs dont screw up and that :[ im annoyed

  • mxsavage

    same here what can we do, is sony going to say sum thing?

  • Ti

    I’m gettin an xbox this is gay WTF I’m gonna do now it’s cold an rainin outside everybody get a 360

    • K_R_A_Z_E

      ur a piece of sh it

      • andy

        And we're REALLY gonna miss U online bud!

  • Reece

    Playstation Network error explianed:

  • SteVen Pissed

    there apperars to be some rumours that at 12.00am GMT this evening that the problems may fix themselves??(something to do with leap year dates??) i'm gonna leave my ps3 off until then. Fingers and toes crossed people!!

  • col12

    just been and bought killzone2 came back to play it trophy error message wont let me play i have all my other trophies

  • Riverpatrol

    My heavy rain trophies are gone but the saves are still there.


    Fuking bullshit. I go to play some MW2 online and it wont let me. Kicks me out of the game because of this error. Man OOOO Man when r they going to fix this.

  • eric

    when r playstation going to have this fixed and are we getting compensation for problems we been getting problems while gaming losing connection. should've got xbox.
    This is our 4th ps3 pleased we insured it after 2nd one went.. Really ****** off.



  • Uk-Gamer91

    This Is Bull***t.. Sony you have a big job to make it up to us, as if the ps3 wasn't dissappointing enough compared to alot of the xbox stuff.. this takes the cake.. better be fixed done and dusted soon.. the whole point is that we can come home kick back and use the games to have some fun and escape stress etc. of life.. seriously sucks guys

  • Spike

    XBox goes through this at least once a month, it doesn’t affect the trophies but they are constantly being booted out for one bug or another. First hand experience. That’s why I came to PSN, one bug in how many years, I can handle being down for a day.

    • jamiepert

      If that is the case why have I been online without issues every day since the release of Modern Warfare 2.

    • Johnsen

      Dont betray ps3 so easily, ye I got the same problem but I m sure they ll fix soon. U cant play online free on xbox right! So just be patient

    • Ken

      once a month? you must have a garbage internet conenction or something. LIVE doesn't have these issues and quite frankly, if LIVE is down I can still play games I bought offline…

  • rene

    To hell with the games i cant watch my netflex

  • Richard

    Does this mean that if youve got to like prestige 8 LEGIT on cod mw2
    does it mean that you wont be that level

  • Kyle

    yeah, the only two games i have tried to use are Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2, and all my memory for Assassin's Creed 2 has been erased it looks like…

  • Fatus_olus

    Microsoft is full of bugs in everything! From windows to x-box. I would never buy an x-box even if the ps3 exploded!
    Let's not be so cruel with sony that makes sush mistakes once in years…..
    i respect sony for her consoles, tv, laptops so i believe they are going to fix it and
    be more careful next time! (some people will
    surely lose their jobs for this mess!! ). Let's say that things like that can happen to
    the best companies…even though this was a serious one! It scared the hell out of me!!!
    Final Fantasy XIII comes out in a few days so sony do something!!!

  • Fatus_olus

    Microsoft is full of bugs in everything! From windows to x-box. I would never buy an x-box even if the ps3 exploded!__Let's not be so cruel with sony that makes sush mistakes once in years…..__i respect sony for her consoles, tv, laptops so i believe they are going to fix it and __be more careful next time! (some people will__surely lose their jobs for this mess!! ). Let's say that things like that can happen to __the best companies…even though this was a serious one! It scared the hell out of me!!!__Final Fantasy XIII comes out in a few days so sony do something!!!

  • the1four

    draaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggonnnn aaaaaggggggeeee noooooooooooooooooooooo thanx psn…….going to play on xbox now that seemms toooo work alll the f**king time no probs

    • andy

      Deluded mate! Obviously U don't know anyone with an Xbox. Ever heard of the rings of doom? Look it up & be the wiser!!!

  • Pistol

    your PSN network……. it sucks i cant even play any damn games.

    • @MissxKitteh

      It's not the PSN that is 'sucking', it's something internal in the PS3.

  • Jeff Davis

    it appears to be affecting the Trophies data only. The thing is, it has to be hardware issue because my PS3 is an online virgin… Yet I just bought modern warfare2 played it yesterday morning just fine. By afternoon I was getting the same error as everyone else…

    Come on Sony get busy building my new an improved PS3… I'm confident there will be a recall…

  • T man

    i tried to create a new user and then I went on mw2 but it automatically quits the game because "trophy infomation won't register". I had platinum for mw2 but now i don't even have an mw2 trophy collection at all. I'm afraid that all my trophies will be wiped from the system each time I go on each game.

  • T man

    Also i cannot sign in: “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)”

  • chez

    sum ov my online friends r bak online wots goin off psn u pay 4 a console then accesories n games then this happens ….. people from all over the world are now left with a console and games thats no good 2 any1 everybody keeps saying thats why its free i av a different oppinion …..we all have 2 pay for the internet service SORT IT OUT SONY

  • kai

    thjis is so annoying, retarded by sony!

  • Brandon-lee Mcguire

    i formated my ps 3 last nite thinkin it was to much data so ive lost the lot map packs everything this is well boring!!!!

  • James

    It's done it to me too. Tried to play FIFA 10 this afternoon. After I selected a language a message came up saying "Registration of the trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit (8001050F)" I tried to get on Fallout 3 too, but that loaded fine. Afterwards I looked at my Trophies. It would appear that FIFA 10 Trohpies have just disappeared, but Buzz and Fallout 3 were still there. Then not long after I checked the Trophies again and Fallout 3 has gone from there too. Then I found this post. I'm gutted that my FIFA 10 and Fallout 3 Trohpies have gone, I doubt I'll get them back now. My save files are all there as far as I can tell but I'll keep my PS3 off now, to protect the save files. I'm not that bothered about losing the Buzz Trophies because that's my mums game anyway and if they got deleted she wouldn't be any the wiser. But I'm not happy :-/

  • Anthony

    does anyone know when this error thing will be fixed and how please

  • Sam Prince

    all my offline seemed to be working fine and i could even play offline games. but when i had finished playing fifa 09, i looked at the trophies and the trophy data for fifa 09 had completely gone.
    now playstation better hurry up and fix this along with my fifa trophies!!

  • Lewis wilson

    ALL my modern warfare 2 trophies and save data has gone and i had 72% trophies and was level 70 online ;( ;( ;(

  • brendan

    this is pathetic do we know when this will be resolved.

  • Robert Beller

    WOW I see a new ad campaign" The PS3: it only does nothing". This is a big selling point for parents that don't like their kids playing games.

  • kev2455

    Can any tell me if 160G Playstation is effected, haven't switched on since Sunday night around 10.00pm but was online right up to that point with no messages?

  • Gilberto

    launch version 60gb ps3, upgraded to a 160gb drive…..trophies safe, single player offline games safe. the ONLY thing that doesnt work is the psn.

  • Cameron

    I'm new to this site and don't want to sign up but can anyone tell me how bad this is? When I tried to sign in (well actually I have it on sign in automatically) it popped up with that error (8001050F) and I got signed out of PS3 Online but i wanted to play Assassin's Creed 2 and i didn't think I needed online for it. But, when it was half way through loading it popped up with a message along the lines of "The sync operation for trophies has not completed. The game will now quit." Does this mean that my trophies are now affected? What damage has been done? Please help.

    Cameron, Scotland (15)

  • M. Manock (Micro007)

    The problem has hit everyone with a first-gen model PS3 from launch.
    2nd-gen phat models, and ALL PS3 slims are not effected, making me think it is some sort of calendar-involved firmware glitch, involving the leap year (or lack there-of)

    When I turned my system on, the clock was changed to 31/12/1999 (Which obviously effected the DRM on ALL DLC, since PS3 was not even in existence in 1999)

    All of my trophies were there, and i could view them. I put MW2 in the system, just to test the rumors. (Before putting MW2 in, my MW2 trophies were totally in tact.)

    I started up MW2, and after about 30 seconds of sitting on the main menu, the error came up and said "The was a problem downloading trophy information. The game will now quit"

    After returning to XMB, I checked my trophies again, and the ONLY trophies that were gone was my MW2. The game I just booted. This makes me think that trophies will be uneffected by the glitch, as once the server DLs trophy information, you'r list will return to normAL.

    I thoroughly believe that this is all just a time-rendered glitch. I think the System Clock (which is powered by the Firmware) was coded differently than the OS Clock (which is run from a server)

    The system clock tried to change it date to 29/2/2010 when the time struck 0:00 UMT (7:00pm in Canada) and the OS Clock within the server mindfucked the system, because ONLY the OS Clock knew that it was NOT a leap-year.
    When the System Clock tried to switch, the OS Clock tried to switch at the exact same time to another date, which obviously caused a glitch. I think this is all true, due to the fact that offline systems were ultimately effected aswell.

    All systems I have read about being infected are systems with FW 3.00 – 3.15 (PS3 Slim firmware, to be exact)
    At the time of the PS3 slim release, FW 3.00 was release, introducing dynamic themes, and the use of the new PS3 logo at start up. Something in this PS3 Slim FW, screwed up the fats on the leap-year (or lack there-of) Meaning sony will have to create a whole new firmware for launch users. Like 1st-Gen, and 2nd-Gen iPods, Sony will have to make PS3,1 FW, and PS3,2 FW. I hope they fix this soon. The fact that I'm probably right about all of this makes me even mroe sick. I'm not a programmer at all.


    sony are losing loads of gamers to xbox as these problems keep occuring !!!!

  • josh

    back on now i think

  • andy

    I think someone mentioned this earlier, but… if the repair they create is sent out as a patch, how the heck do we get back online to download it onto a system which won't go online? Just a thought?!!

    • Reece

      The PS3's still have an internet connection, they just can't connect to PSN, which is not needed to download new system updates, so there should be no problem if a system update is released

  • Dayne Beardsley

    i was trying to play dead space was at last boss and it would not play gave me the code that everyone is talking about and deleted my save point so now i have to play all over again uncharted 2 also was deleted and batman wont play every other game will play. the reason i went to playstation is that my 360 died a total of five times 4 red ring and 1 hardware problems now playstation but not as bad as microsoft. might just stick to my atari and reg. nentendo they still work after 20 plus years. beter bring them out.

  • Wings

    holy crap, I thought i was having this problem.
    after school, i went home and wanted to relax in playing my cod but then this rubbish error popped out and sayin i cant login and i was like WTF >:C !!!

  • angry boy!

    what the hell???? am i gonna get my trophies back?? —– i bet it was some geek that goes on 24/7 that hacked it :)

  • jim

    we are still gettin that error code not to happy at all , have the day off n was plannin on relaxin playin some games grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • xCrazyJake-

    THis is stupid i lost mw2 and cod5 trophies if you dont fix this by wednesday im scrapin my ps3 and getting xbox 360

  • aj lewis

    i have nothing but problems with sony i am going through same s**t hurry up and sort it out PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Furr

    Not seeing any of my Uncharted2 trophies. or saved game file. I just beat the game on brutal too :/

  • joe

    my ps3 has bin affected along with all my call of duty world at war trofy and safe'ed dater wot can i do 2 get it back some 1 help me pleas

  • goodman 78

    y is sony not tellin us anything it world wide panic if it not sorted soon all our ps3s will b as useful as a dildo in a convent

  • marty

    It has affect my trophies, i cant play offline either when is this going to be fixed

  • SaM-


    trophies and any content bought from the PS store will be replaced once this error is fixed, as the trophies are stored on ps servers, once the error is fixed your trophies will be synced and will be retrieved from the servers, as for downloaded content/themes and so on from the store these will be show as corrupt data untill you are able to access your psn account so your system can validate that you are authorised and have paid for the content, your system needs to relay license codes for these to work, and seen as you cannot access psn the licenses arent being sent…


    if Sony does release a firmware update, the system update function seems to be working so we should be able to download it. When I attempt a system update now, it does indicate I have the latest update so it appears to be able to go online and check….
    If for some reason I am incorrect, the update should be available for download on the Sony website. You can easily download from the site onto a USB stick and insert into the PS3

  • kieran

    so everything will definately come back afterwards

  • joe

    wen will it b fixed

  • IbnLaAhad

    Exactly the same thing. I got home from school and noticed that my theme was gone. When I checked it 2 themes (of one wich I payed for –') were corrupted. When i tried to login, it almost instantly gave me the 8001050f message. I didn't lost save data or trophies, but I fear that they may dissapear when systhem is reset or the glitch is patchted by sony. I had 9 platinum trophies and was literally 5 minutes away from GTA IV platinum, wich I worked hard and long for (in total , with brakes, 8 moths). I cannot express how afraid I am now. Please Sony fix this quick, and without any loss of trophies. Plz

  • james

    it wont let me play fifa 10 online or offline. dont understand that??????????????

  • andrew

    omg im at school but i hope i didnt lose my trophies i havent checked that but i know all my dynamic themes when corrupt and my friend said his ps3 forced hime to restore his whole system which didnt even fix the problem if anyone thought it might.

  • Poloximus

    I'm well gutted, got in like i do after college, try start up Modern Warfare 2, get that '8001050f' error, look it up on google to find any game you try and play it will delete the trophies, so now all my hard work i put into getting my modern warfare 2 trophies gone, kinda annoyying considering i did not know that until i botted up my system, luckily it seems only my modern warfare 2 trophiies have dissapeared of my trophy list, i hope i get my trophies back, many hours of gameplay put into that :( i strongly advise you don't even try play a game offline as it may result in trophy loss

  • jake

    dont go on your games! or you lose your throphys just wait for it to be fixed..

  • john wayne

    I was trying to play modern warfare 2 and it said my trophies could not be located and the game could not load. Very bad if they dont fix on their end. Time was shifted and I just shut it off and hope for the best.

  • Finchy Finch

    ive lost all my fifa10 trophys i want compestation wankers

  • Pissed off ps3 owner

    Well after thinking something not global had happend to my ps3 i thought i had to format the system so now everyhtin has fucking gone! Thanks Sony!

  • danny

    Wouldn’t sign me in so I decided to go on FIFA offline anyway. Said your trophies can’t download or whatever. Searched it on the internet and it said it could affect trophies etc. Checked my trophies and fifa 10 trophies had dissapeared completely. There was no sign of the game even on there. ;/

  • BIlly Porter

    fuck ps3 and this bug shit. slims can sign on. never bought an xbox. but im very fucking close. ps3 has crashed twice on me. im done.

  • Jame_s90

    this is shit sony get it fixed asap plz we all buy ps3 rather than xbox and this is what happens load a game and trophies dissapear i have always bought sony playstations as i think they are better but now starting to think if its really worth paying all that money then we cant get to use them because of a bug or whatever it is i think sony is going to start losing customers if this crap dosent stop becoz i know i will be one of them

  • Blaggers123

    I have lost my trophies on Street Fighter IV after playing it off line, also after reading some info on other sites I recommend not playing any ps3 games off line until PSN comes back on. Not to worry though game heads, I have also read that trophies will be restored once PSN goes back on line for us "phatties", turns out being "slim" is healthier for you! Hurry up Sony get us all back on the ship safe and sound.

  • Luca

    Arrrggghhh. This is bad news for sony and for every PS3 owner. whats the point of having a console that you cant even play games on.. WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED!???

  • concern player

    Common sony, you can do better then this….you can create something like the ps3 but you can't fix this little problem!!!!!!!

  • Tim Cichon

    i am truly pissed off. Updated my ps3,,, now i cant play any game that has a trophy collection. im in the midst of trying to find how to get my ps3 back to the 3.10 version to see if thatll help. What a bunch of fucking wankers. Are they going to compensate us for their problem?,,,absolutely disgusting service,,,,,,,,,,, im so fucking angry right now,,,

  • jamie

    my onlines been broken since 2 in moring last night. ive lost all my assassins creed 2 trophies and desktop themes. Cant play the game in offline mode either as it cant sync trophies, anyone got same prob with a creed. hope they fix it soon, just got to venice, dont fancy starting the game again.

  • Joshua Badillo

    I just got new net and thought my internet was the issue. I haven't checked my trophies yet. Jesus that suckssss. Any word on when I can login?

  • photodr

    I have a 40g ps3 and my roomate has an 80g. my ps3 is giving me that 8001050F error but my roomates ps3 has no problem at all. Is it just a firmware problem.

  • Roy

    After having RROD on two Xbox 360's, I went over to PS3 in May 2009 as I thought you had a reliable quality system with Sony, but it does'nt seem to be the case does it.

    It seems a bit suspect that the new slim models are not affected this seems to say that Sony knew about this issue when they produced the new slim console.

    Luckily I heard on radio 1 news about the bug so I have not turned on my console today, but what about tomorrow ? will I get all the problems as soon as I, switch on the PS3? or will their be a patch that sorts the problem straight away? l'm not buying another PS3 I only bought this one in May last year, it's still in warranty .

    Sony should fix this now or send every PS3 " fat "console owner a new slim model free of charge. To not fix this issue soonest would be suicide for Sony.

  • Jonny

    My system has not even been hooked up to the net and COD2 recieved this msg yesterday. WTF!?!?! Is there a fix for those of us who are not linked on the net?

    • Roy

      I don't think it matters if you are on the net or not it's the internal clock that's the issue, as soon as midnight came on Feb 28th the date on the PS3 changed to Feb 29th and the system went into meltdown, why it's happened this year nobody knows, perhaps it's because the new slim model is out now.

      It's up to Sony to fix this problem for all users on or off the net.

    • Ps3 user

      When the problem is fixed bring your Ps3 to a friends house that has the internet.

  • Razzle

    Its deleted my zombie map packs on COD5, which is shit. ITS HIT LOADS OF PEOPLE AND ITS SHIT.

  • kraze-8

    everyone needs to shut the fuck up about lost content, the data is stored on sony's servers. YOUR SHIT IS NOT LOST! for the last time. its a clock error, anyone with computer knowledge can open thier ps3 up and pull the button cell battery from the mother board and see the ps3 resets to manufacture date and will work. might fuck things up in the longrun tho

  • kraze-8

    everyone needs to shut up about lost content, the data is stored on sony's servers. YOUR SHIT IS NOT LOST! for the last time. its a clock error, anyone with computer knowledge can open thier ps3 up and pull the button cell battery from the mother board and see the ps3 resets to manufacture date and will work. might mess things up in the longrun tho

  • largebuttocks

    You miserable inpatient big fat McDonald eating sods. You should get some excersize and stop lard arsing around with ya pizzas and ya overweight moaning flabby buttocks whinging about not being ableto play your sado games console for a few hours. aaah didumss.

  • bob

    fix it

  • bob

    fix it

  • bob

    postmy comments u slag

  • wayne

    i having problems with 1 game fifa10 and my ps3 is not connected to the internet but still got the error 8001050F and dont understand why and i only have problems with this 1 game can anyone help me

    • Jay.

      its a sony prob. dont turn your ps3 on. apparently it affects on and offline!!!

  • stevie g

    all wall papers and themes currupted but trophies and save data still intact thank f***! whats goin on cant even play off line surely they must know when its gonna get sorted need cod now.

  • jhonathan

    When i put fifa 10 in it said that the trophies could not be registered it tken all of my trophies for fifa 10 off. fuckkkkkkkkk fixxx itt

  • Paul

    i just bought a refurbished ps3 40gb a couple of days ago along with four games. Now i can't play any of them. Why oh why didn't i just stick with my xbox 360?

  • guest

    will we loose all saved games?? mine are gone. thats bull S^^^

  • Jon

    This is a big problem for sony. From what i know from searching the internet, sony i trying to fix the problem and that millions are affected.

  • Lauren Hughes

    I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence but my PS3 clock reset and then while playing on offline game it suddenly switched off. YLOD….

  • jake

    i think its only new games and my m8 told me his gaytation was doing this and now its happening to me, fuck u retarded playstation network, u think its a hack or a bug, whatever u shouldnt fucking let it happen, im getting an xbox original cause i dont like 360, also im going back to cod3 ps2 which works online, thanks a lot no lifers

  • jake

    this shit has happened before though, but not data loss, ps network is so dodgy, yesterday it kept signing people out like it had for the past month

  • jake

    im getting an xbox original, i dont have time for this modern junk, old games FTW! anyway i was planning with my clan to go on mw2 and practise today but guess what, a sneaky message 8001050f, thanks alot

  • jordan

    should be fixed by morning thank god as i am bored to death


    if it is not fixed by morning i am swithching to xbox. THANKS ALOT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    My COD MWF2 trophies and game data is gone due to this hiccup! Nice work Sony. I can not even run Modern Warfare 2 offline. And I’m certainly not trying another game as I see my UFC saved date is still intact on my hardrive.

  • Minus

    My Red Faction Trophies are missing

  • mike

    3 years and i never had this problem with xbox, just saying!

    am i wrong or MUST you have internet to play a ps3?
    it looks like if you dont have a network for the PS3 you cant play it anyway since the trophies are online based?
    i didnt have network with my 360 but all my achievements showed up when i earned them, but it didnt register as to when i got them online. 250g hard drive and it cant store trophies on it?
    just wait till you PS3 is out of warranty and you get the YROD!!!

    love that FREE online gaming!!!
    it will be funner having to get the trophies the second time…. right?
    xbox rules!!!!

  • sdfsf

    what the fuck is going on man ffs this is taking the fucking piss i could of fixed this fucking bug ma self by now

    • Lee

      LOL i kno wtf they takin their time then they send an update 13 hours later of what the problem is. WE ALRDY KNOW WAT THE PROBLEM IS JUST SORT IT, GOD DAMN U SONY!!!!!!

  • tom

    borderlands is affected. lost all 3 downloads and 2 saved games. reset one character back to level one. didn't lost any trophies.

  • ConspiracyTheory

    Microsoft created virus?

  • Donald

    I just hope all the stuff i paid for is still there. i work too hard in this recession to have a lil fun and if i don't get my games or a refund i will break someone's neck

  • WannaPlayPS3

    Sony should be trading PS3 slims for affected systems at any locations PS3 are sold this is ridiculous

  • ShaqAttack


  • ryan

    fuckin twats fix it shuld have paid for xbox :L

  • manny

    $300.00 for crap It's a conspircy

  • Alec

    This is a fake site that just sends TONS of spam to your e-mail. McAfee just warned me once i entered the site

    • Alan Ng

      Thanks for that Alec! … Removed the comment now. :)

  • Alec

    @WannaPlayPS3 I agree… I think their should be a massive recall to all GameStops etc. Sony should allow a swap for old to slim PS3 model. I just need to transfer all my data to the PS3 slim.


    in the end can we fuckin fix it by formatting the device, like would it work as it wAS NEW OR NOT CUZ IM PISSED OFF

  • joey d

    does this mean you have to make an online account again? or does it just delete data?

  • BostromNZ

    It as deleted all of my Killzone 2 trophies including my golds for beating the game on elite and reaching an online rank of general!! They better come back!!

  • armano

    i wanna get bk on cod cus im 9 prestige level 64 i just wanna go 10th

  • pkap

    I realize that online gameplay is a big deal for some people; but why did they make syncing your trophy data mandatory to play offline? For those that didn't even care about trophies in the first place, they really got the short end of the stick.

  • Jamie

    Can't Play A damn thing on or offline Thanks A Bunch i'm off to buy an XBox!

  • Coolbrit

    Hope its fixed for BF BC2 come out this week !! The let the carnage begin !

  • Angry Gamer!!!!

    Too right people, Sony have screwed us over and just left us in the dark informing us every 5 hours. WTF Sony do your job properly and deliver the goods or else refund us in full.

  • Caj106

    It's got mr aswell, I can't play FIFA 10 because it won't register trophy info and I can't get on psn I get an error message (8001050F)

  • James

    this is a pisstake :( i guess every1 including me is pissed right off wid this :(, so what can we do in meantime? r they guna let us know when they have fixed it? or they just guna leave it :/ im loosing my passion for ps3 now :@

    does anyone know any info or any updates bout this bug? and/or what it means in regards to the console itself? coz i spent like £300 on this console and all i have had is trouble with it ….

  • j.marsh

    stop looking at trophies and messing with stuff until it's fixed. i hope ps3 trophies aren't your most prized achievements in life. you people are acting like its the end of the world.

  • Shan

    whts goin on wit japanese people now?? toyota got fuked up and now sony…tsunami…
    bad time for japan.. hope they get better soon

  • chris logsdon

    I have lost everything !!!!! and i mean every bit of saved data. Hours of gaming and game completion gone! really pissed off !

  • Gaidza

    I just connected my ps to internet few days ago to play COD MW2. Not sure if id be affected if I havednt done so…. Now iv formated my system and Its all screwed…
    Thx Sony! I realy enjoyed the game damnit. Grrrrr

  • dustin

    Lost everything. Can play anything other than non trophy ps2 games….I took this week off for surgery and dantes inferno. Well my surgery got done. This stinks to spend the kind of money we do on these products that are useless. I can understand not playing online, but the fact i am supposed to keep my system off until further notice? Sony better be doing some freebies or something. This is ridiculous! !!

  • Paulybeeatchs

    so any further newns on this its now the 2/3/2010 so if it was a date issue like the rumors say it should be fixed by now cmon…..if it's a I.T problem it doesn't take this long to fix a server problem

  • perfect45

    everything on mine is working except my psn

  • RAY


  • Philippe

    It works!!!! :D And I've lost all my Heavy Rain trophies! :(

  • ASH

    This Is Really Pissin Me Off I Lost My Platinum In Cod6 It Was Such A Pain Just To Get It And All In A Second I Lost It Thanks Alot Shyty PSN…

  • Paulybeeatchs

    still not working in Australia did you guys have to do anything to get it going again???

  • Edd

    theres no such thing as a problem with the date….
    its ridicolous, never happen on last year and the one before.

    probably is a virus and sony dont want to admit it

  • Edd

    to play MW2 you must deactivate the internet conection =]

  • chazoo

    My ps3 just started working again. I didn't lose any trophies or saved data.

  • gamerdude

    Omg my ps3 finally started working again thank god.

  • Michael phelps

    Hey guys michael phelps here my psn account finally started working again. For more info on what happened see me on twitter.

  • Steve

    I got 60gb PS3 and playstation has been down all day today 1/03/10, it now 01:26am on 2/3/10 and still no Playstation or current updates…Come on Sony you had your 24hours..