PlayStation Network Error: Will PS3 problems be fixed remotely?

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In our recent poll we asked our readers whether they would purchase a PS3 Slim due to the recent PSN problems, at the time of this post 94% of our readers say that they would not buy a PS3 Slim as a result of the downtime, however in my opinion there is now a more important question.

This question is “Will this problem be remotely fixable?”, this is a great question because if the answer is no it could perhaps result in the biggest-ever console recall (even the RROD).

If Sony cannot communicate with their classic PS3s there is no way for them to remotely apply an update, this means that Sony need ‘direct contact’ with your console, which would mean that consoles would have to be recalled.

This could become quite interesting as Sony could take one of two stances, they could argue that the classic consoles are now out of warranty, therefore they are not responsible for software problems, however if they took this stance I think this would be ‘suicide’.

Chances are if they cannot resolve the issue remotely they will arrange a free collection of affected models, this would be an annoyance for console owners and would be a huge expense for Sony, however I’m sure this will be more popular than having to buy a PS3 Slim.

If the software problem is to do with the leap year how comes we have been affected on a year that is not a leap year, also how comes all other years (even 2008 which is a leap year) the PS3 has been fine, and is it more than a co-incidence that the PS3 Slim is not affected, What do you think?

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