Starcraft 2 pre-orders start with no release date

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Earlier on today we posted an article which revealed that gamers were willing to pay (in my opinion) stupid prices for Starcraft 2 beta codes, we have now heard that the video gamers retailer EB games are taking pre-orders for the game.

They initially revealed this on their Twitter page with this tweet “Finally! We’re now taking online pre-order for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty!”.

The game is currently priced at $49.99, however no details regarding a release are currently known, you can pre-order your copy here.

Personally I would never pre-order a game which has an unknown release date, however I’m sure hardcore gamers will be keen to get hold of the game asap.

Source: ITWire

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  • Mike

    They just started pre-orders there? I've had SC2 pre-ordered at GameStop since April '08. At that time, they told me the game had a "release date" of July '08. They'll do anything for that $5.

  • oman

    "hell, its about time" …

  • sc2

    I'd think blizzard will offer a "digital download" so why even pre-order? : )
    Oh, unless you like the feel of a CD in your hand and the box I guess.

  • teddy

    thats stupid why would you pay for a game that early ….. its not gonna make it come out any earlier any body with half a brain should realize that

  • gay

    yep since when it was announed 😛

  • Alan Frazier

    I have had a preorder for Starcraft 2 since July of '07! Can someone beat that???