PS3′s Killzone 3: Release Date update and 3D support rumors

By Posted 23 Feb 2010, 13:35

Some exciting news for fans of the Killzone series now, as it has been rumored from ‘sources close to Sony’ that Killzone 3 will be ready for release as soon as this Christmas.

That’s according to, who also states that Killzone 3 will have support for both 3D and the upcoming motion controller, once it is released later on this year.

While a new Killzone would be nice, it seems unlikely that such a huge title from Sony could be ready in time for Christmas, without any previous information regarding the title.

Could Sony have a surprise in store for PS3 owners at this year’s E3 event? We’ll get back to you when we know more on this.

  • clagnut

    im just waiting for the 3d porn films to come out,careful where you wave that thing you nearly had me eye out.