Modern Warfare 2 Video: 5 Kills After just 5 seconds!


By Posted 2 Feb 2010, 17:32

Whilst playing Call of Duty World at War many gamers became frustrated with early ‘noobs’, so much so that in the end noobs would not explode if fired early-on in a match.

A recent video posted on ConnectedConsoles shows an early noob multikill, however I don’t think any gamers will be annoyed with the skill and luck which this video shows.

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The video (which has been embedded at the end of this post) shows someone ‘noobing’ on Modern Warfare 2, just two seconds in to a match on the Karachi map, when the noob lands on the otherside of the map it kills 5 enemies.

If you have seen a better earlier multikill video on ModernWarfare 2 feel free to post the YouTube URL in the comments section below.

  • Ryan

    n00btube perhaps? Unless the dude was launching himself..

  • xaduking

    wtf! this is pure luck, no skill involve in here.