iPhone 4G: Rumors shown visually


By Posted 26 Jan 2010, 12:04

There have been many rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 4G so far, so much so it is hard to remember exactly the handset is rumored to feature, however a recent article posted on TheHuffingtonPost shows a graphical representation of all of the rumors.

The image has been added to the end of this post, it shows that it is 99% likely that the iPhone 4G will launch between May and July 2010, there is also a 90% chance that it will feature an OLED display.

Other likely features include a 5 megapixel camera, a touch sensitive case and a dual-core processor along with more RAM. Less likely features include DVR functionality, an LED flash and a built-in RFID.

Personally I think this graphical representation is spot on, however I really do hope that Apple give their 5 megapixel some sort of flash, for more information check out TheHuffingtonPost.

  • http://www.louisvillecorealestate.org/ Lenny

    With supported of a more complete features and sophisticated, I think this product will succeed in the market, like the previous generation, iPhone 3G.

  • guest

    that's definitely the coolest mock up of the next iphone i've ever seen. it looks like the home button is touch sensitive which would be a nice touch. the design just looks like something apple would do.

  • eliseo

    it looks good, but I'm sure that there will not be a full metal case, apple is trying to moving past that, (as seen in the new imac and in the ipad the case around the sides is smaller) so i have a feeling that the glass will be pushed all the way to the edges. And a flash would be nice, but I have a feeling apple will be making their own type of flash, cause i do not see apple putting one of these ugly l.e.d flashes on the back of their sleek device. Who knows thats where the 'glowing logo' may come in to the picture =)

  • Nic

    There is almost a 0% chance this iphone will be a dual core. Mark my words