Apple’s Tablet PC Announcement: Follow the event live


By Posted 26 Jan 2010, 16:45

If you are looking forward to Apple’s event tomorrow you may want to follow the event live, ITPro will be blogging the event live, you can stay up-to-date by clicking here.

The event starts tomorrow morning at 10am PST, if you are in the UK and wish to follow the event 10am PST is 6pm GMT.

Personally I cannot wait to put an end to all of these rumors surrounding the tablet, I am not actually all that excited about the product itself, unless it turns out to be particularly ground-breaking.

If you couldn’t care less about the Apple Tablet you may want to check out Pocket-Lint’s recent article, this article is titled “10 surefire ways to avoid the Apple Tablet announcement

  • EC

    I’m expecting something from Apple that looks like “glass”, lol. Sort of like the computers you see in movies like Avatar, lol.