Apple MacBook with 3G built in, Verizon’s tiny MiFi not enough

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For those of you who own a MacBook Pro or Air, then you will know what I am talking about when I say how cool these portable computers are. However, there is a downside, and that is the lack of built-in 3G. There is a solution for now, Verizon’s tiny MiFi, but most would agree that it is not enough.

Apple are shooting themselves in the foot, there are a number of people who are choosing to purchase a HP or Dell laptop when they would rather have a new aluminum MacBook, but the lack of 3G is a real pain. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as Apple is considering an upgrade to its Pro line to include 3G.

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For now MacBook owners have to use something like Verizon’s tiny MiFi device, but it is not a solution favored by them. Cnet News believes that 3G should be a standard in MacBook’s as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is. The website adds that if it were to happen, then it should not be an AT&T only deal.

If you visit a number of stores you will see cheap netbooks with built-in 3G, so why is Apple so late to the party? Cnet News believes that the reason for this is because customers are demanding it; this is not something that Apple customers are desperate for.

Although, you have to wonder why a huge number of people are using the iPhone 3GS to gain access to the Internet, surely it has to be something that MacBook users would want. I know I would, it does become a pain when you are not in a Wi-Fi hotspot and you need to gain access to the Internet, have you ever tried to work on an iPhone before?

For a more detailed look into this story visit Cnet News.

  • Feng Wei

    its very slim…very fast as well….only disadvatnge is tht it does not have CD drive…and the advantage is its slim body and its lightweight!

    • Tom

      The MacBook Pro has a CD drive.

  • Tom

    Apple can be a little slow to the party, but they do get there.

  • ddd

    Uhm the reason why they don't have 3G included in a MBP …well easy, they have an iPad for your mobile internet needs!

    • Dave

      If I have the room to carry a 10" iPad, then chances are I'd have the room to carry a 13" MacBook Pro.

      So, your logic = fail.