Epson NP12-V: Windows 7 Nettop

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Over the years Epson have been regarded as a company who only offer printers, however recently they have been trying to expand in different markets, one of these markets is the nettop market.

Epson have recently released their NP12-V nettop, this nettop features an Intel Atom 230 (1.6Ghz) processor, 1GB of RAM and a160GB hard drive. Also worth mentioning is its SiS672 Video and SiS968 Chipsets.

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This particular model is said to be extremely similar to the Epson NP11-V, however one major difference is that it runs Windows 7 Home Premium instead of Windows Vista.

Currently the Epson NP12-V is selling in Japan for around 32800 Yen, this roughly equates to $370, for more information check out SlipperyBrick.